Solar Roof top system

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.Solar Roof top system

We are MNRE approved system integrator for On-Grid and Off-Grid  Power plants. We have installed more than 10 MW solar plants at residence, commercial buildings, solar parks and ground mounted solar plants. We have inhouse design team to design solar roof top plants to meet customer requirements and also to enable maximum power generation in minimum space.

.Special Features of Solar Pump Controller

Inbuilt RMS with Artificial Intelligence

Double Door Control Panel with IP-54 protection

Optimal Operating Point calculation Function

Inbuilt MPPT function

Inbuilt detection of sudden changes of conditions (Especially Irradiance)

Inbuilt Dry Pump Detection function

Inbuilt water tank minimum/maximum level detection

Remotely Temporary Jam Clear Operation by Web/App/Support Center

Dedicated Tool Kit for Controllers On-Site Programming (Doctor Sunaquator)

LCD Interface for real-time monitoring & Debugging

The AquaLogix hardware is a robust design to control the Pump by Mobile Application as well as

troubleshooting & Debugging

Inbuilt water tank minimum/maximum level detectation


Working Methodology

  1. Under net metering policy electric customers generate their own electricity from a solar photovoltaic (P.V.) system installed on the roof of the building. The output of the panels (DC electricity) is connected to the power conditioning unit/inverter which converts DC power to AC power.
  2. The inverter output is connected to the control panel/distribution board of the building to utilize the power.
  3. The inverter synchronizes with the grid to power the load with preference of consuming solar power first.
  4. The power generated in excess of the owner’s electricity consumption is fed into the grid through a bi-directional energy meter capable of registering both import and export of electricity.
  5. Net-metering allows households to generate electricity and set off the power produced against the power used from the grid and consumer pays only for the “net” number of units (difference between import and export energy) used each month.
  6. In the event the consumer produces power in excess of his usage in a particular month, the customer energy charge becomes zero and the remaining units are credited and carried forward to the following month.
  7. Under the net metering policy, rooftop solar power projects of capacity ranging from 1 K.W. to 10 M.W. can be installed.
  8. A consumer can take solar system connection maximum 80% of sanction electricity load.


  1. Desire energy design your roof top solar plant based on your required load and space availability for the better return on investment.
  2. Net Metering allows you to get full retail value for the electricity you produce by permitting you to put any grid and retrieve it later, free of charges
  3. Increase property value.
  4. More visible indicator of community support for clean energy
  5. Running cost and maintenance very negligible as no batteries are required
  6. Solar power produced in winter saves on summer costs.
  7. Saving of fossils fuels like coal wood and other petroleum products thus helps in controlling global warming.
  8. Solar on grid rooftop is a great investment with in ROI of over 12% and payback of 3 to 5 years
  9. Save income tax, get tax depreciation benefit 80% first year
  10. Adjustable in any kind of load without in any changing in wiring can run heavy loads like-A.C. , refrigerator, motor etc.
  11. 25 year performance warranty on solar module and 5 year warranty on complete system.
  12. Hybrid PCU even works during power failure for required loads.
  13. Inbuilt remote monitoring system for monitoring of live power generation through web/mobile app.


Working Methodology

  1. Solar Panel convert solar power in D.C. electricity
  2. Charge Controller (individual / inbuilt in inverter) store this D.C. current in Batteries
  3. D.C. current store in battery.
  4. Inverter /PCU converet D.C. electricity in to A.C. electricity for use in home school and business etc.
  5. PCU units also priorities solar power, battery store power during electricity uses during day time keeping solar power on first priority.


  1. Solar off grid system will be design by desire energy as per client requirement.
  2. Beneficial for those areas where Grid electricity either not available or not reliable.
  3. System can be design based on required load and or availability of grid power.
  4. System can be design with existing inverter system.
  5. 25 years performance warranty* on solar modules.
  6. 2 years warranty* on complete system.
  7. 5 years warranty*on Battery.