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What is ESCO

We are leading player, out of very few “ESCO Company” which are certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), working globally towards energy conservation in water infrastructure field. With our existing ESCO projects we save more than 25 Million electric units every year. We have a very capable team consists of Energy Audors and Analysts for project analysis. We typically execute projects from 5 to 10 years. We have a very rich experience in water infra based ESCO projects and we are successfully executing 9 ESCO project since last 5 years, and saving energy in the range from 20% to 50% in each project. The beauty of Desire ESCO Projects is transparency; all of our ESCO projects are having SCADA Based web monitoring system, by which we monitor live data through dedicated web portal and mobile app.


Energy conservation in water supply is another major issue in India. Municipalities and other water supply bodies consume 12.45 billion KWH energy per-year for water pumping and water supply. Aligning with India’s target for net zero emission by 2070, Desire Energy is among the first BEE certified ESCO companies focused towards energy conservation in water treatment, transmission and distribution. We are currently managing 14+ cities’ and 5000+ villages’ water management systems saving around 25-35 million electric units annually. Through our expertise in hydraulic – modeling, pumping system design, and techdriven platforms, we have been able to achieve up-to 70% energy efficiency in these ESCO projects. For our ESCO projects, we under performance contracting model wherein we invest all the capital cost and our compensation is performance based and if the project does not provide desired energy saving, we are responsible to pay the difference. Thus, assuring their clients of the energy and cost savings.

No. Sector Consumption (Billion KWH) Saving Potential (Billion KWH)
Agriculture Pumping
Commercial Buildings/ Establishments with connected load > 500 KW
Industry (Including SMEs)

To promote Energy Efficiency and energy conservation measures, Government of India enacted The Energy Conservation Act-2001. ADB study (2004) of Demand Side Management potential in industry, buildings, municipalities and the study by National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency that seeks to unlock a market potential of Rs. 74,000 crores (INR) and an avoided capacity addition of 19,000 MW in India.

Looking towards the market potential Desire established it self a Leading ESCO Company In India with the specialization of energy saving in water supply and Pumping system, and now having many of the prestigious and successfull ESCO Projects which are being executed since 2010.

List of ESCO Projects Implemented and executed by Desire Energy

Name ESCO of Project Name of Customer Project Tenure (Years) Avg. Water Production (MLD) Annual Energy Saving in KWH
ESCO Deeg-Kaman
PHED- Rajasthan
ESCO Chum & Ratangarh
PHED- Rajasthan
ESCO Kailana Jodhpur
PHED- Rajasthan
ESCO Sirohi
PHED- Rajasthan
ESCO Bharatpur
PHED- Rajasthan
ESCO-Weir Bhusawar
PHED- Rajasthan
PHED- Rajasthan
ESCO-Deesa, Gujarat
Deesa Municipalities, Gujarat
ESCO- Mahesana, Gujarat
Mahesana Municipalities, Gujarat
ESCO-Sanand, Gujarat (Under implementation)
Sanand Municipalities, Gujarat

Along with the above major ESCO projects in water supply segments , desire have implemented many projects in lighting and water supply to various Industries and achieved saving from 30% to 80%, by deep study of Qualified and experienced engineering team, and with the use of energy efficient products.

Deeg & Kama Pilot Project

Desire has come up with some trendsetting technologies that have completely transformed the energy sector. In 2010, Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED) assigned 28 submersible pumps in DEEG and KAMA to ESCO companies. We have installed first of its kind ESCO project in DEEG & KAMA that saves up to 6,00,000 KWH annually that amounts to Rs. 30,00,000. This project was scrutinized by PHED’s engineering team for almost 2 years to study the cons and pros of the Project.

In 2012, Desire was felicitated by PHED minister for achieving the milestone and was thus awarded ‘ Rajasthan Energy Conservation Award ‘ for contributing towards energy saving.

Esco Churu Rajasthan

In the Churu district of Rajasthan, where potable water is not available for everyone, Desire has come up with an innovative method to make water accessible to the masses. Initially, there were 250 tube wells and 25 pump houses in the district maintained by Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED). With a power consumption of approx. 15000 kWh daily for running these pump houses and tube wells, the water problem was a menace for many. Moreover, there was a very high maintenance and operating cost for running these setup.

When Desire undertook the task of providing clean water in the district, it successfully did that with its energy-saving technologies. Desire managed to replace obsolete pumps with highly efficient one and 

control panels with digitally manageable panels. Moreover, a series of sophisticated energy meters and electromagnetic flow meters were installed with each pump set for monitoring and verification purpose. Now, with this modern setup, we are able to save up to 40% of the total energy used up by these pumps thus generating the total revenue of Rs. 27 million annually. In addition to this, we have managed to save up to 4.8 million kWh of energy per year.

ESCO Kailana Jodhpur

Desire has left its footprint on Jodhpur by installing an energy efficient system in KAILANA district. Before the conceptualization of Desire system, water was harnessed through an artificial Canal (RGLC) situated 250 km away from Jodhpur city. With a population of 11 lac, the city needed 150 MLD water but due to the constant collapse of the pumping system, the process could only generate 90 MLD.

Desire in collaboration with PHED has come up with a well-planned system for settling up the water woes. The highly skilled team of Desire analyzed the reason behind the inefficiency of the system and came up with a modern technique that could produce 170 MLD. Consequently, this project has generated an annual saving of Rs.3 crore with the production of 155 MLD.

The system is fully controlled through SCADA where one can have access to the hourly production and distribution of potable water to the people. Currently, with this project, PHED is able to save 58,18,000 kWh (Unit) of energy and can meet up the demand surge till 2024.

ESCO Sirohi Rajasthan

Sirohi, one of the arid districts of Rajasthan was battling with the water problem. Before 2015, the district was supplied potable water through its 250 tubewell and 30 pump houses network governed by PHED. But with the installation of energy efficient water pump by Desire, the district was able to receive the adequate supply of clean water.

Through this new age solution, the city curtailed its energy need by 40% with an annual saving of 45,81,000 KWH(units). Moreover, desire gave Rs. 2,52.00,000 back to the government as annual saving with the help of its modern water management system.

ESCO Bharatpur

Water has been the major issue in Bharatpur city since Desire has set foot on this barren land. With a population of over 5 lac, the city’s main source of water is Chambal river and Bandh Barethan. The overall demand for water was 45 MLD which was not produced by the existing water harvesting technique. Desire, on the other hand, took up the challenge and successfully installed cost-effective and energy efficient water pumps to make water accessible for everyone.

ESCO Deesa Gujrat

Deesa is a city and a municipality in the Banaskantha district in the state of Gujarat, India. Deesa is known for its potato plantations. Water production was 2050 KLD for the Deesa city, while the present demand is 3000KLD and it may increase during the project tensure up to 5000 KLD. Desire design and install new or modified energy efficient pumping machineries to take the production on avg. of 3000 KLD and up to 5000 KLD. ESCO project in DEESA that saves up to 20,00,000 KWH annually that amounts to Rs. 1,20,00,000.

ESCO Weir-Bhusawar

Weir is a Tehsil Head Quarter of the Bharatpur District in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The geographical location of Weir is 25.68° North, 75.73° East and it is 157 KM Away from state capital Jaipur. At present The activity of water supply in Weir is based on ground water sources. Under This ESCO Water supply to UWSS Weir is considered from 12 Nos. tubewells and further supply from CWR, Which include the O&M for these tubewells and pump houses for a period of 10 years. The population of Weir as per 2011 census was 19385 Souls. Present population is approx 21325 souls. The present total demand of water is 2100 KLD considering 100 LPCD, However present production is approx 1550 KLD, The demand of water will be increase up to 3000 KLD in future. Desire will ready with their hardworking efforts to full fill that demand and complete it for sure.

Bhusawar is a Tehsil Head Quarter of the Bharatpur District in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The geographical location of Bhusawar is 25.68° North, 75.73° East and it is 157 KM Away from state capital Jaipur. At present the activity of water supply in Bhusawar is based on ground water sources. Under This ESCO Water supply to UWSS Bhusawar is considered from 13 Nos. tubewells and further supply from CWR, Which include the O&M for these tubewells and pump houses for a period of 10 Years. The population of Bhusawar as per 2011 census was 19385 Souls. Present population is approx 21325 souls. The present total demand of water is 2200 KLD considering 100 LPCD, However present production is approx 1650 KLD, The demand of water will be increase up to 3200 KLD in future. ESCO Weir-Bhusawar project started from November-2017 and project has generated an annual saving of 11,19,000 KWH (78,39,000 INR).

ESCO Jaisamand

The beautiful city of Udaipur is situated in the southern portion of the Rajasthan State and lies in latitude 24° N and longitude 73° 43° E. It is also surrounded by Aravali hills on Delhi-Ahmedabad National Highway No. 8. Udaipur City is famous for its natural beauty and tourism. The capital of Rajsthan Jaipur, and Capital of Gujrat Ahmedabad also lies on N.H.8 and is at a distance of 430 km and 320 respectively from Udaipur city. The scheme is presently being run on ESCO pattern, which envisage pumping of 21 MLD raw water from Jaisamand Lake to Teetardi WTP at Udaipur city through boosting from pumping station No.

1 to 4 which are located PS-1 Jaisamand lake & PS- 2 Near daya Dam which is at a distance of 19 km from PS-1, PS-3 Near Kevda village which is at distance of 11.9 km from PS-2, PS-4 in Kevda ki Nal which is 5 KM from PS-4 through 600mm dia MS. Pipe line in a length of 

about 53.00 KM. Project awarded to DESIRE from December-2017 and till now Annual Energy Saving in 21,00,000 KWH and generating the total revenue of Rs. 1,57,50,000 annually. achieved by Desire Energy Solution.

ESCO Ajmer

DESIRE is working with government (multiple) organization and some multinational conglomerate as energy service company which provide energy saving solutions through its hi-tech water purifying system. DESIRE has come up with a solution where it minimizes the overall energy consumption by installing it’s system thus curtailing the extra usage of energy. Furthermore, the company reimburse approx 15 to 20% of the total profit generated back to the government. With the surge in water demand the company also modifies its installations in order to maintain the quality service thus giving benefits to both people and government. India has a potential of generating more than 570 billion kWh of energy out of which 15% energy could be saved by implementing energy conservation and energy efficient techniques at multiple sectors. 

Seeing this mammoth potential in energy sector, government of India enacted The energy conservation act-2001 which promoted various ESCO companies to establish energy saving techniques in water supply and pumping sector. More to it, this state of the art technique can be used in different sectors to optimize energy sources. Since then DESIRE as an ESCO company have taken various energy conservation projects and has been successfully contributing in this sector since 2010.

ESCO Mehsana

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ESCO Sanand

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