Community Based
Solar DFU system

.Community based DFU system

Desire energy manufacture and supply De-Fluoridation units, for the fluoride effected areas. Desire De-Fluoridation unit are available on media based (Bio F/AA) and also with Automatic Fuoride Removal Unit (ARFU)  (approved by MNIT) based on Electro-coagulation – a patented technology of Desire Energy.  Desire De-Fluoridation unit have capacity to reduce fluoride to 0.5 PPM even from 15 PPM  fluoride content in raw water. We have rapidly installed more than 3000 units till date and we are running these units successfully in various parts of the country These De-Fluoridation units can work without/with conventional electricity and can be clubbed with solar energy based pumps to provide disruption free end-to-end solutions to the cosumers.

.Rajasthan- An outlook on pure water crises

Rajasthan, an arid state is heavily dependent on groundwater which is directly related to rainwater. With more than 90% of water is brackish out of which 50% contains high level of fluoride particles, the state poses great threat of water borne diseases. Excess of fluoride in water can cause dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, thyroid and neurological problems which hampers and overall physical and mental growth of child and mother during pregnancy. Besides fluoride, there are other contaminants which are found in water in the form of solid waste, chloride and plastic that too put a negative impact on the body. Other TDS (Total dissolved Solids) such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorides, bicarbonates and sulphates are also found in drinkable water. According of BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) the minimum TDS that a potable water must have is 30 PPM (parts per million) and should not exceed 500 PPM in order to stay the water fit for drinking. Unfortunately constant exposure of water to chemicals and other poisonous substances have increased the level of TDS close to 5000 PPM.


.Solution at Desire

Community based DFU system With consistent innovation and hard work, desire has come up with a distinctive solution to the water problem. In order to make it pure and drinkable, Desire has introduced a DFU system (Defluoridation system) which runs on solar energy and converts fluoride rich water into potable one. This system purifies water contains high concentration of Fluoride in it. The community based DFU system is basically installed in the areas where the concentration of Fluorides and other solid impurities are high such as villages, Gramin blocks and remote areas where connectivity of electricity is not available. Owing to the quality output and high performance for long run, DESIRE has successfully installed more than 3000 units of DFU system across India.