SunAquator Solar Power Plant

Solar Pump Controller

Desire Energy is manufacturing solar pump & controllers with the name SunAquator. Sunaquator provides efficient working to the solar pumping system with an inbuilt MPPT system. It is certified by MNRE, NISE, ERDA and TUV etc. The pump controllers are monitored and operated through a mobile application and our web portal.

Technical Special Features-

India is one of the strongest bastions when it comes to harnessing solar energy. Studied across the nation have revealed that the country has achieved a milestone of producing 20 GW(Gigawatt) of solar energy as on 31st of Jan, 2018. Seeing the consistent development in the solar energy sector, the government of India has set a new milestone of generating 100 GW of energy by 2022 with a 100 billion dollar investment in the sector. The average solar power plant generation capacity in India is 0.20 kWh per m2 of the used land area with a capacity of generating (5 KWH/yr) 5000 trillion kilowatt hours per year.

Features That Makes us outstanding

Captivating Rajasthan

Rajasthan counts itself among the solar-developed states where the photovoltaic capacity touches 2500 MW. The state has managed to attract top-notch investment for India’s leading investors in solar energy rich cities like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner. There are solar parks installed across the state having the potential of generating 1500 MW of solar energy.

Desire has played an active role in harnessing solar power with its SunAquator technology. With this cutting edge innovation by its R&D engineers, we have managed to tap the solar energy for its multipurpose use. SunAquator with its 100% efficiency, is able to control the water pumping system in a mainstream sector like Agriculture, Municipal Water Supply, Fountain etc.

This SunAquator technology works wonder in Solar Pump Controller as you can monitor the pumping process remotely through this application.

Low Power Function

Any anomaly that occurs during the functioning of the system such as dust accumulation of Solar panel that interrupts the process is detected by the low power function and send information to the remote monitoring system.

it’s a Web and App based Secured Solution to control & Interface with IOT Enabled


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