Solar Pumping system

.Solar Pumping system

Desire Solar Pumping System specially designed to efficiently function of agriculture, residential, commercial and industrial purpose.

Desire Solar Pumping Systems are easy to deploy and can function effectively even in places with no or limited grid power, solar power is also an alternative source of power for existing pumps and can save millions of units of power for the nation.


  • MNRE Approved High Efficiency Solar PV Modules (Multi Crystalline or Mono Crystalline).
  • 25 Years Performance Warranty’ on PV Modules as per MNRE Guidelines.
  • Mounting Structure with Manual tracking systems, To withstand wind speed of 150 km per hour & Hot dipped galvanized of 0.8µm
  • Mounting Structure with Manual Tracker & Seasonal Tilt.
  • Solar Pump Control Unit with Built-in MPPT Algorithm, Display – LED or LCD / Manual ON/OFF switch.
  • Solar Pump Control Unit with Dry Run, Short Circuit, Overload, Earth Fault Protection & IP54 Protection.
  • Solar Pump Control Unit with provision of optional Remote Monitoring System
  • AC/DC Pumps are Available.
  • Immediate Installation By Company Engineers.
  • Maximum Water Discharge & Maximum Working Hours in a day.
  • Selection of Pump-set by Company Engineers for Better Performance.
  • The Following type of Solar Pump Sets are available Submersible Pumps, Open Well Monoblock, Centrifugal Monoblock, All kind of Centrifugal Self Priming Pumps.
  • Solar Pump Applications ; Agriculture for Irrigation & Sprinklers, Municipal / Drinking Water Supply, Fountains, Ponds & Gardens.

.Captivating Rajasthan

Rajasthan counts itself among the solar-developed states where the photovoltaic capacity touches 2500 MW. The state has managed to attract top-notch investment for India’s leading investors in solar energy rich cities like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner. There are solar parks installed across the state having the potential of generating 1500 MW of solar energy.

Desire has played an active role in harnessing solar power with its SunAquator technology. With this cutting edge innovation by its R&D engineers, we have managed to tap the solar energy for its multipurpose use. SunAquator with its 100% efficiency, is able to control the water pumping system in a mainstream sector like agriculture, municipal water supply, Fountain Etc.

This SunAquator technology works wonder in Solar Pump Controller as you can monitor the pumping process remotely through this application.

  • We are one of the leading manufacturer and integrator of solar pumping and we are approved by  MNRE. We have Installed more than 5000 solar pumps, in various parts of country, for the agriculture as well As drinking water applications.
  • Desire Solar Pumps are highly efficient, tese are made of stainless steel for long life, consist with MS structure with seasonal tilt and have manual tracking for long working hours.
  • Western Region: Installed solar project of 3300 MW
  • Southern Region: Installed solar project of 8500 MW
  • Eastern region: Installed solar project of 400 MW
  • North Eastern region: Installed solar project of 22 MW.

Note: Data collected till 31st Oct 2017 by certified agencies.Northern region: Installed solar project of 4500 MW

Rajasthan has always attracted potential investor due to its prospective solar rich sites. The state has already breached the 2000 MW mark and eyes 5000 MW of solar energy by 2022. There are some mammoth solar parks in the state which are tapping solar energy and enlightening houses, industries, and areas nearby. There are many ways of harnessing solar energy and make it available for multipurpose use such as the solar pump, solar, and solar pump controller.

The solar pump is a concept that has been thriving in rural areas where other conventional methods don’t work due to the paucity of sources. With its key features like easy installation and low maintenance, it has been the talk of the town. Solar pumps are widely used for agriculture, household, commercial and industrial purposes. These pumps can even perform at the location where no or limited grid system is available. Moreover, it could replace the age-old electricity pumps to save millions of units for a long time.

Desire has come up with its own energy efficient solar pump ranging from 1Hp to 100 Hp. They not only give better performance but also are sustainable in any given condition. Our agile and adroit site engineers make a complete installing plan as per the client requirements. They work hand in hand with the client explaining all the cons and pros of the solar pump system to him.

.What makes our product different from others?

  • Our products are MNRE approved and have a higher energy efficient solar PV module( Multi-crystalline and Monocrystalline)
  • Our products come with the 25-year performance warranty.
  • The systems are completely mounted with the manual tracking system in order to withstand wind speed of 150 km/hour.
  • Hot dipped galvanized of 0.8 um.
  • Comes with MPPT algorithm, the display LED or LCD, manual ON/OFF switch.
  • Integrated with a Dry run, Short Circuit, overload, earth fault and IP52 protection.
  • Also, have an optional Remote monitoring system.