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.Smart City

Smart cities use a combination of the internet of things (IoT) devices, software solutions, user interfaces (UI) and communication networks. However, they rely first and foremost on the IoT. The IoT is a network of connected devices — such as vehicles, sensors or home appliances — that can communicate and exchange data. Data collected and delivered by the IoT sensors and devices is stored in the cloud or on servers. The connection of these devices and use of data analytics (DA) facilitates the convergence of the physical and digital city elements, thus improving both public and private sector efficiency, enabling economic benefits and improving citizen’s lives.

The IoT devices sometimes have processing capabilities called edge computing. Edge computing ensures that only the most important and relevant information is communicated over the communication network.

A firewall security system is also necessary for the protection, monitoring and control of network traffic within a computing system. Firewalls ensure that the data constantly being transmitted within a smart city network is secure by preventing any unauthorized access to the IoT network or city data.