Community Based
RO system

.Community RO system

Desire energy is also a manufacturer and supplier of community based RO plants (500 to 3000 LPH) for row water TDS up-to 25000 PPM. We have supplied and installed more than 500 plants till now. All of our plants are equipped with Desire Remote Monitoring system (Aqualogix) and ATM based water dispensing system (Aquatap) INDIA’S FIRST SOLAR PUMP HOUSE (Capicity 25 HP) At India-Pakistan Border (Jaisalmer, Rajasthan)

.Some major sources of water pollution are

Untreated Sewage
According to the reports published by World Health Organization, major urbanized cities of India is generates 38,354 million litres of water per day out of which only 11,786 MLD is treated. Studies have shown that organic and bacterial contaminants are major cause of water pollution.

Organic matter This contaminant is measured with BOD (an organic pollution measuring unit ) Almost all rivers have high levels of BOD ranging from 20 to 490 mg/l BOD. Generally, water which have BOD ranging from 2 to 20 mg/l is considered to be safe for drinking. Also other pollutants such as fluoride, heptachlor, beta-endosulfan, and mercury were seen in high concentrations in water bodies situated near villages or town. Adding to the dismay, alarming levels of ammonia, chloride, arsenic, phosphate were found in groundwater.

Apart from solid waste, there are certain chemicals that poses serious threat to your health, such as:

Due to the presence of carbonates and organophosphates in pesticides, a human being can suffer from cancer and chronic damage to nervous system. The chlorides present in pesticides could lead to reproductive and endocrine damage.

It accumulates in the body and can cause serious damage to your central nervous system.

Excessive intake of Fluoride can be harmful for your spinal cord and can contribute to the yellowishness of your teeth.

High amount of nitrates could be a major cause of ‘blue baby syndrome in newborn babies as it restricts the oxygen flow into the brain.

Main cause of skin cancer and also dreadful to liver and vascular cell.