Energy Efficiency based services Some Facts...

1. Electricity is very expensive because it is secondary form of energy, derived from primery fuels like coal, oil and gas form of energy.

2. Efficiency of thermal generation is quiet low, around 30-35%,one unit of electricity generated by consuming 3 units of primary fuel.

3. Transmission and distribution losses accounts for 20-25% of electricity genertaed, thus one unit of electricity at user point requires 4 units of primary fuel. Each unit of electricity saved leads to saving of 4 units of primary fuel.

4. Setting of power station is very expensive, it costs 30 to 40 millions Per MW. T&D adds 50 to 60% of these costs.

5. Conservation projects to save energy can be set up at much lower cost.

6. Electricity is clean fuel at point of use and non polluting. However generation of electricity in thermal power stations leads emitting polluting gases. On average 1 KWH electricity consumption emit 900 to 1100 grams of equivalent cabon di oxide in to the atmosphere, Thus by the energy efficiency and energy conservation we contribute towards avoid "Global Warming".