Solar Pumping System

Product Description

Desire solar Pumps, are designed provide fulfill water need of any kind of user, it may be farmer, industrialist, domestic user or any municipality and other organizations with out use of conventional electricity from the DISCOM.

Desire solar pumps are available from 0.5 H.P. to 50 H.P. and avialble with all type of pumps like solar submersible pumps, solar monoblock pumps, solar selfpriming pumps, solar openwell pumps. Desire solar pumps runs on AC power converted from the DC power generated by the Solar cells attached to this. Due to AC power operation, in case of absence of solar power in night, it may be operate by conventional electricity supplied by DISCOM.

Desire solar submersible pumps are available from the 10 Meter Head to 200 Meter head, for up to 50 H.P. Motors and pump combination. Desire solar pumps are easy to operate and the maintenance of the pump set is also very easy and approachable.